Mental Health Billing Specialists
What is it going to cost me...?  Less than you probably think!

Generally speaking, we charge 5-9% percentage of the amount collected, sometimes more, sometimes less. 

To determine your fee we need to take into account several variables:

  • Where do you practice?
  • How many patients do you see each month?
  • What CPT codes are you submitting?
  • Which insurance companies do you participate with?


  • Let’s not forget the never-ending cost for computer upgrades, software updates, coding books/programs, postage, paper, envelopes, etc.
  • Statistically the average medical practice loses up to 30% of its annual income because of improper coding and poor follow-up by staff? (Often times, the office staff is having to attend to other duties as well as the billing...)
  • Did you know that for what it costs you in an ‘in-house’ biller’s benefits, vacation pay, sick pay, bonuses, parking, educational seminars and employer’s taxes you likely could use our service and pocket your ‘in-house’ biller’s entire salary? 

Give us a call, we are certain we can work out something specific for your practice's needs. 

For the past 18 years we have provided professional, affordable billing services, custom tailored to your exact needs. Let us help you focus on the patient, while we focus on the paperwork.

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